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Pimp the bands who don't get enough love. Pimp your friend's band. Pimp your mom's band. Pimp your dog's band. Pimp your band. As long as they don't suck, we want to hear about them.

Try to include a link to some audio, and be sure to state where the band is from, if they're on tour, in the studio, etc.

PLEASE DON'T PUT QUIZ RESULTS. If the results are relevent to the community, fine, but do it in a cut tag. No one wants to see that shit all over their friends page, okay?

You're not necessarily limited to just posting information about bands, either. If there's an update to be written about a band you've mentioned before, we want to read it. If you've been to a concert recently (abiding by the golden rule that if it's Justin Timberlake, no one cares), we want to read about that too. Keep it music related and I shouldn't have to get too delete-happy.

We do have a rating system, so if you check out a band that someone has posted about, be nice and give them your honest opinion:

1) Did you even listen to this shit before you posted?
2) Thanks for wasting my time. That was five minutes I'll never get back.
3) I could live without it.
4) Wow, it's cool that you had the balls to post about these guys.
5 This is fucking awesome.

This community is owned and maintained by miseriasundays, chokingmeup and bitter_brownie

For now, there aren't many guidelines or rules, but we may add onto this as time goes on. Just keep it good music-related and play nicely. Don't get into a fight with chokingmeup because she'll rip your face off.