Val van Dyck (deadsilent) wrote in whoreage,
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Never licked a spark plug

Hi, I'm neither new nor old here, but it's my first post here anyhow. So hi. I will be plugging my favorite band, Relient K. I'm not sure if anyone has, but they're not on the info page, so why not? They're a Christian punk band from Ohio (but they don't shove it all down your throat) and they're really, really, ridiculously funny. Plus, they're a fine-lookin' group of guys, if you ask me ~_^ I'm pretty sure they're still on tour; they go back home sometime this month, but I'm not exactly sure, as I saw them last month. Tour dates, media, and things of that sort are at their site. Just click on the name. I'm afraid that they don't get what they deserve. They're pretty big in the secular market, but good sites and devoted fans are far and few (many of the fans I know are my converts =c)). relientk is full of screaming fangirls, but it is the most lively out of the three Relient K communites.
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