Mack Kurd (allthatjizz) wrote in whoreage,
Mack Kurd

between lines needs a favor

Hey guys we have this show at Hogue Barmichael's monday night
and we just got our tickets for it and they want us to sell
50!! well that only give us 2 days :( so we are really in a pinch here
and would love it if anyone that is bored on spring break would like to come hang out with us. I promise this will be a great show..
all the bands rock,ill post links to there sites and mp3s under the flyer

but yeah if you wana do us a huge favor and go it would be greatly appreciated,we will be giveing out a 6 song Ep with the ticket
email me at and let me know,we can figure out a way to get you a ticket

if you go you will rock me :) if you read this and dont go...well you still rock me.

between lines
betweenlines mp3
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